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Compatibility Report

Harmony in the work environment is vital to top production and stress reduction. Find out where the friction is between two or more employees or management staff. A personality profile of each person includes their strong and weak characteristics and is a valuable technique for team building. $165.00 each

It is easy to get a handwriting analysis. All we need from you is:

Step 1 - A full page or more of cursive writing on unlined paper. Use a pen and do not copy from another source. Sign your name as you usually do.

Step 2 - A job description and desired requirements for that position.

Step 3 - Contact Anne or Betsy via e-mail or phone to arrange for a personal conversation to discuss the fine details.

Contact us for more information.

"I found Anne's analysis to be fascinating and a very useful way to gain insight into others. Anne is obviously very well qualified and does a great job analyzing the personality of a writer. I highly recommend her services to anyone who enjoys learning about others."

Jim Varga
National Scientific Manager- Managed Markets Health Sciences and Systems

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